Seminars 2005-2006 Academic Year




Sept 12

Prof. Larry Wein, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Operations Research and Homeland Security: From Models to Implementation

Sept 19

Prof. Xuanming Su, Haas Business School , UC Berkeley

Inter-temporal Pricing with Strategic Customer Behavior

Sept 23

Prof. Z. Max Shen, Dept. of IEOR, UC Berkeley

A Profit Maximizing Supply Chain Network Design Model with Demand Choice Flexibility

Sept 26

Prof. Alexandre Bayen, CEE, UC Berkeley

Approximation algorithms for arrival sequencing in congested airspaces

Oct 10

Prof. Robin Roundy, ORIE, Cornell Univ.

Approximation Algorithms for Stochastic Inventory Control Models with Correlated Demand

Oct 14

Prof. S. Rajagopalan, USC

Inventory Models for Substitutable Products: Monopoly and Duopoly Analysis

Oct 17

Prof. Martin Savelsbergh, ISYE, Georgia Tech

Scheduling and Air Taxi Service

Oct 21

Prof. Benjamin Van Roy, Stanford University

Markov Perfect Industry Dynamics with Many Firms

Oct 31

Prof. Teck Ho, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Incorporating Satisfaction into Customer Value Analysis: Optimal Investment in Lifetime Value

Nov 4

Prof. Fuqiang Zhang, UC Irvine

Procurement Mechanism Design: An Operations Perspective

Nov 28

Prof. Dorit Hochbaum, IEOR, UC Berkeley


Dec 5

Prof. Robert Leachman, IEOR, UC Berkeley

Port and Modal Elasticity of Asia – U.S. Imports

Dec 12

Prof. Chris Shannon, Dept. of Economics, UC Berkeley